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About Us

Helping Hands Professional Organizing was started by a former Girl Scout Executive, Emily Lyles, ďwho was born to organize!Ē Emily has over eight years experience organizing volunteers, programs, projects, and events for non-profit volunteer organizations. She is an excellent motivator and truly enjoys helping others achieve their goals!

Emily also knows what it is like to multi-task and has learned how to juggle multiple projects and daily activities at the same time!  Through Helping Hands, Emily wants to pass on her knowledge and skills to help others who feel overwhelmed, stressed, and have no idea where to begin organizing.

Helping Hands home base is in Paulding County Georgia, but will travel to many counties within the Northwest & Northeast Georgia area. Please contact us to see if we will travel to your area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why should I hire a professional organizer?

A:  Professional Organizers use their skills and knowledge to educate and teach others about organizing principles. We are an objective, third party who will assess your environment and pinpoint the areas of your life or business that present the most challenges to you. We will also be your cheerleader and constant motivator to keep you on track so you can reach your goal of getting and remaining organized!

Q:  If Iíve been disorganized all my life, can I really change?

A:  Absolutely! Organizing comes naturally to some people and for others it is a skill that takes time to develop. Over time, working with an expert, it is possible for people to learn and apply the principles of organizing to their own lives.

Q:  Should I clean my home/office before you visit?

A:  Not at all! A professional organizer is just that, a professional. We are non-judgmental and have seen many different situations and circumstances.  We need to see the environment that truly exists so we can set up a system that will work for you.

Q:  Will my sessions be confidential?

A:  Absolutely. We know our clients place a high level of trust in us. As a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), we are bound by a Code of Ethics to insure any information remains confidential.

Q:  Will Helping Hands actually do the work or will you just show me how to do it?

A:  Both. A professional organizerís role is as a consultant. Our purpose is to identify your goals, needs, and specific challenges and helping you find solutions you can maintain long term. Some clients want to work hand-in-hand with an organizer, working together to sort, purge, categorize, and set up appropriate, workable systems. Other clients are self-motivated and feel comfortable doing the work on their own, but just need a specific plan to help them get started. Our purpose is to show you how to organize and streamline your life to be more productive, because organizing is a continual process. We donít want you to be dependent on us, we want just the opposite, independent, productive, successful, and happily organized clients!

Q:  What do you charge? Is it expensive?

A:  We always provide a free one-hour initial consultation.

We do pride ourselves in organizing on a budget and we will use any existing tools and supplies you have on hand for the new space. However, think about these questionsÖ.. What does being disorganized cost you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis? Can you put a price on disorganization? Expensive doesnít have to mean costly in a financial sense. It can also mean costing time, stress, fulfillment, productivity, and an overall sense of happiness and calmness. Can you put a price on those feelings and items? Think about how many times youíve bought items you already have because you canít find them? How often you miss your sonís baseball game because you canít get organized enough at the office to finish your work? Or, how many times youíre late or miss an appointment because you didnít put the information in your calendar or have three calendars going at the same time? Our services allow you to find the calmness in the chaos of everyday life. Think about our services as an investment in your overall well-being and happiness.

As for specific rates, each project is unique and we offer different plans based on your needs. We have hourly or daily rates or can quote per project rates as well. Rest assured, Helping Hands will find a way to work within your budget.

Q:  How long does the organizing process take?

A:  Since every clientís needs are different, the time it takes to organize a space can vary greatly from client to client. After the needs assessment and initial consultation, where we talk about your goals, ideas, and pinpoint your needs, we can give you a specific range of time it will take to complete a project.

Q:  What methods of payment will you accept?

A:  You may pay by cash, personal or business check, or money order. We will soon offer credit cards as another payment option.

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